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  Created and designed by: skop - Peter Mühlfriedel, Tim Büsing, Gundula Markeffsky
Additional programming: Mike Kelly, Gabriel Mulzer additional sampling: Vistacolor

Gerichtstrasse 12-13, Aufgang 2
13347 Berlin, Germany
T/F +49.30.46 60 40 46/5

"I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives" was selected for the following international art and media festivals:
Berlinbeta Version 3.0, Berlin, Germany {29.8. - 5.9.01]
D-motion, Halle, Germany [6. - 7.12.01]
Taos Talking Pixels, New York, USA [11. - 14.04.02]
Reich und Berühmt, Berlin, Germany [25.05.02]
SÒNAR 2002, Barcelona, Spain [13. - 15.06.02]
Garage, Stralsund, Germany [August.02]
FILE 2002, São Paulo, Brazil [8. - 22.08.02]
Villette Numérique, Paris, France [24. - 29.9.02|
IMPAKT, Utrecht, The Netherlands [29.10. - 3.11.02]
SWR & ZKM \\ international \ media \ art \ award Karlsruhe, Germany [9.11.02]
Re-Animate, Rotterdam, The Netherlands [27. - 29.11.02]
Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany [14. - 19.1.03]
Streaming Wor(l)ds, Melbourne, Australia [19. - 24.5.03]

here you can watch a slideshow movie (QT 5,7 MB) of the various festival performances.
Write us, if you want to see more and we‘ ll send you a CD-ROM.

"The Kick is the rhythm that users can create on the fly. Really grand!"
Holger Czukay, founder of legendary Krautrock-band CAN

"This is like deconstructing cinema."
Chris Hales, Multimedia Artist and Author of "Jinxed" and "The Twelve Loveliest Things I Know"
  This remixer was originally commissioned for the online art-exhibition "Festival of Visions - Hongkong -Berlin" in which Berlin Artists were asked to work with inspirations from HongKong culture. Out of fascination for the subject and the new genre of cinematic remixing on the web, we developed it much further.
--> Soon, we will add a database in which users can store their results and share it with others, thereby giving Bruce a small virtual home.
If you mail us, we will keep you posted about all further additions to this remixer.
  Download our short summary text: skop_brucelee_remixer.pdf [3,2 MB wait for the loading to finish]