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  If remixing Bruce tickled your fancy, maybe you want to jam with him offline as well.
Hit the keys whenever you feel like it and create frantic fighting soundtracks.
Download PC.exe (1.84 MB)

Download MAC-Projector (1.50 MB)
Download PC-Version Download Mac-Version
  These MP3s document a skop-soundperformance: live V-drumming in conjunction with "I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives" and projections of the remixer-visuals. Played at GARAGE 2002 in August 2002.
You can download a slideshow-movie (quicktime 19 MB) or still pictures (283KB) of the GARAGE-event.
Victory Mode.mp3 (2.8MB) / Suspense Mode.mp3 (mp3, 2.9MB) / Police Mode.mp3 (1.8MB)
Mystery Mode.mp3 (1.4MB) / Cocaine Mode.mp3 (2,3MB) / Fight Mode.mp3 (3.0MB)
Complete Mix.mp3 (17.4MB)
skop performs live with V-drumming
  This font is selfstyled and tweaked and was used for our titledesign.
We call it "Fists of Fury" and it is garantueed to give a sleek 70ies-appeal.
--> for MAC only!
Download Fist of Fury.suit.zip (5 KB)

the font used in our titel
  If you care for linking to this remixer on your own webpages, why not try these tasty banners?
They are made for drawing attention and add that special zest to your site. Chicks dig it as well.
Download Banner 1 and 2 (126x65 px and 88 x 31 px, 20 KB)
Banner: Reanimate The Dragon!
  If you are looking for those special, polished high-quality screenshots, here they are: 3 versions of our remixer in large jpgs, use them as wallpapers for your desktop or as inspiration for your own designs. Journalists are invited to use them in their off- and online publications (all rights reserved).
Download Screnshots (3 JPGs, 2078x1014 px; 1.24 MB)
Screenshots for your desktop or publication
  This PDF documents the background of this remixer, the biographies of the makers and and lets you in on the motives and ideas behind the production.
Download skop_brucelee_remixer.pdf (3.2 MB)

All backgroundinformation on the remixer, the makers, the idea
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